Pure treatment towards urinary an infection with Escherichia coli micro organism


  • 200 g chopped garlic
  • 200 g of younger peaks, pins of recent rosemary
  • 1 liter of do-it-yourself wine (pure, no wine bars)



All said needs to be blended and allowed to face for 15 days in a glass bowl in a cool place.

It’s processed a number of occasions, so the ensuing tincture is saved in a glass container and saved in a fridge.

Shelf life: limitless.



Adults within the morning hungry one tablespoon.

Kids over three years: 1 small teaspoon within the morning within the fasting.

Micro organism very simply assault the human physique, particularly when immunity is weakened, and at occasions the affected person isn’t even conscious that there’s any an infection.

That is additionally the harmful colic of the echelon, which is the most typical reason behind urinary infections in males, ladies and youngsters.

It is vitally frequent in pregnant ladies as a result of urinary tract leisure.

The commonest trigger for transmission of this bacterium is the proximity of the anus and vagina in ladies, so it simply finds the trail to the bladder. Sexual activity can also be a typical reason behind the onset of this an infection, so it is suggested that after every intercourse the girl and man ought to urinate.

Causes of this an infection may be the chilly that reduces immunity. Usually, it additionally happens attributable to irregularly altering moist bathing fits, that’s, an extended sitting in a moist go well with.

Irregular and irregular weight-reduction plan, bodily inactivity, diabetes, some contraceptives, or inadequate fluid consumption may also set off the incidence of  Escherichia coli.


  • Remedy ache is accompanied by trembling when urinating. The urination urge is so frequent that an individual can’t look forward to a second.
  • Blood may happen within the urine, and if the an infection spreads to the kidneys, then there’s ache within the space of ​​weak point, elevated fever, malaise, typically even vomiting.


Most frequently with single or triple doses of antibiotics, relying on the physician’s evaluation.

Of nice assist are the merchandise from cranberry. Additionally assist the ingested tea, tea from corn silk, parsley and dill.

Natural remedy against urinary infection with Escherichia coli bacteria

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