Best time to eat bananas (9 Scenarios)

In Common, finest time to eat banana is within the morning throughout your breakfast, which implies you may have it both with Oatmeal’s, Milk or with different seasonal fruits. You’ll be able to expect 89 calories per 100 grams of banana you eat. So depending in your physique weight, plan your calorie consumption accordingly.

Clearly, how a lot banana you ought to be having completely relies on your physique weight, degree of exercise that you just do and way of life you comply with. Usually, a mean particular person can eat one or two bananas with none points.

So what’s the perfect time to eat bananas?

I’ve damaged down the very best time to have bananas into 10 totally different eventualities. These are the very best time to eat bananas to get most output.

Earlier than exercise

Bananas are loaded with quick absorbing carbohydrates. Which means the carbs in banana elevates the muscle glycogen ranges, thereby serving to you in doing strenuous exercises for longer period.

So when must you think about bananas as a pre-workout meal?

The Reply to this query relies on timing. What I imply is, if you’re planning to start out your exercise in in subsequent 15 – 30 minutes then think about banana as a pre-workout meal. Likewise, if you’re planning to start out a exercise after an hour from now, then think about sluggish absorbing carbs like Oats.

After Exercise

In Common, Most individuals use protein powder dietary supplements submit exercises as a result of its fast performing amino acids that helps restore the muscle put on and tear.

However wait, even carbs are equally vital. After a strenuous exercise muscle glycogen degree tends to cut back, subsequently to revive the glycogen degree again you shouldn’t have greater than 1 or 2 bananas submit exercises.

You shouldn’t take bananas in case you have already taken it earlier than your exercise, as a result of the carb consumption needs to be even be checked.

So in a nutshell, in case you have not eaten bananas earlier than exercise, then eat 1 or 2 bananas with protein powder 1 hour after the exercise. This may give your physique provide of protein adopted by good high quality quick absorbing carbs.

Moreover, Bananas have a low glycemic index worth of 51 (Something under 55 is low and above is excessive). So while you eat bananas, it doesn’t spike the sugar ranges and insulin response exponentially. Be happy to have bananas as a submit exercise meal, it can not do any hurt.

One hour earlier than or after meals

Consuming one banana beforeafter an hour out of your meal will not be a foul thought in any respect. Having mentioned that when deciding to eat bananas after your meals be sure to don’t neglect the overall calorie consumption (Calorie in Meal and Bananas mixed). Which means if you’re consuming low calorie meal then banana is an effective addition however if you’re consuming a excessive calorie meal, it gained’t do any good as a substitute it’s going to add pointless weight. So plan it accordingly.

Coming again to why it’s good to have bananas earlier than/after meals?

The reply is straightforward, bananas are excessive on pectin and boosts digestive enzymes, thereby easing your digestion. Moreover, pectin in bananas binds to ldl cholesterol in gastrointestinal tract which slows down the glucose absorption by trapping the carbs (1).

Additionally, when in comparison with different fruits bananas are excessive on nitric oxide, a key factor which our physique can not produce by itself. Nitric oxide performs a vital function to maintain our Autophagy mechanism energetic (2).

Word: Bananas have low quantity of nitrates when in comparison with Greens equivalent to beets and spinach. However once we evaluate bananas to different fruits, it has a good quantity of Nitrates.

At Night time earlier than sleep

I maintain listening to from many people that bananas usually are not good at night time. Properly let me inform you, that’s not true in any respect. In truth consuming a banana with skimmed milk earlier than going to mattress acts as a superb dinner alternative meal, particularly as a result of restricted calorie consumption. A glass of skimmed milk with 1 banana will give approx. 200 energy.

Coming again to, why it’s best to have bananas at night time?

The reply could be very easy, bananas comprise important amino acids often called L-Tryptophan. This L-Tryptophan will get transformed into 5-HTP in mind. After which it will definitely will get transformed into Serotonin & Melatonin. These hormones play a key function in inducing sleep and correcting the sleeping sample.

You might have heard about over-the-counter melatonin dietary supplements for correcting sleep patterns and insomnia, however these dietary supplements could have antagonistic unintended effects. Banana helps to extend the melatonin ranges naturally, thereby serving to you to enhance the sleep high quality.

To know the connection of melatonin with sleep a research was carried out amongst wholesome volunteers. The outcomes had been constructive, Melatonin confirmed constructive ends in stopping part shifts from jet lag and it additionally confirmed enhancements in insomnia (3).

So to sleep effectively merely seize a banana and do away with insomnia.

Lastly, Bananas are loaded with Potassium and magnesium, which acts as a pure muscle relaxant therefore enhancing sleep high quality.

Fast hack: If you’re making an attempt actually onerous to go to sleep, merely wash the banana and boil it. Then drink that water together with honey. This may enable you to to induce sleep.

Ensure you are utilizing an natural banana to do that. If you’re utilizing chemically processed banana then it’s going to hurt you rather than doing any good.

Throughout excessive depth sports activities

By now you already know, bananas are excessive in potassium and magnesium. Throughout excessive depth sports activities our physique tends to lose potassium and magnesium by way of sweat, thereby bringing in fatigue.

Bananas act as an instantaneous supply of power as a result of its quick absorbing carbs. You might have seen athletes consuming bananas throughout the excessive depth sports activities, that is the exact cause why.

In a analysis carried out by Appalachian State College’s Human Efficiency Lab within the Kannapolis-based North Carolina Analysis Campus, it was discovered that bananas weren’t solely capable of present identical output as excessive carb sports activities drink however it was additionally capable of present cyclists with Anti-oxidants, Potassium and Vitamin B6. Moreover Bananas even have a more healthy mix of sugars than sports activities drink (4).

The protocol for this analysis was that cyclists had been requested to eat both a cup of carbohydrate drink or half a banana each 15 minutes throughout their 75 kilometers race.

Ending your Quick

After we quick, we are inclined to overeat on the time of breaking it. Since starvation is at its peak and forces us to eat till we will’t eat. That is extraordinarily dangerous, Overeating proper after fasting is worse than overeating in your regular time.

Your physique does want a while to readjust the digestion. The rationale overeating will not be good when ending your quick is as a result of, once we quick our physique goes into reserve mode, which implies it tries to preserve the power always.

After we overeat it tries to avoid wasting as a lot as it may, subsequently leading to undesirable weight acquire. Therefore, it’s advisable that once we finish the quick, we finish it with recent greens and fruits like bananas. Consuming one banana together with different number of fruits and juices are an excellent selection to finish the quick.

Don’t fear you gained’t placed on weight consuming one or two bananas a day. There’s a widespread false impression about bananas which make folks assume it’s going to add pointless weight.

Free Movement or Abdomen upset

Bananas are well-known for absorbing water and defending the internal linings of your abdomen. Each ripe and unripe bananas are glorious residence treatment to do away with diarrhea.

Whereas ripe bananas are good, the one that basically works effectively are the Inexperienced one’s (the unripe ones). Inexperienced bananas are loaded with fibrous starch often called pectin. This starch will not be digested by our small gut simply, as a substitute it’s immediately handed into the colon.  Subsequently, it will get fermented by the micro organism which makes the stool firmer.

In a research carried out on inexperienced unripe bananas, it was discovered that bananas had been extraordinarily helpful in treating and managing diarrhea in hospitalized youngsters. To conduct this research 62 boys aged between 5-12 months had been included. All of them had been fed rice based mostly food plan containing 250g/L of cooked inexperienced bananas or 4g/kg of pectin. The outcomes had been glorious, round 60% youngsters’s noticed exceptional enhancements and remaining others didn’t see any main enhancements as a result of different underlying causes. (5)

The conclusion of this research was that inexperienced bananas and pectin might be an efficient approach to handle persistent diarrhea in hospitalized youngsters and will also be used to deal with youngsters’s at residence (6).

So everytime you get episodes of diarrhea, merely swap your food plan to a Banana food plan or a BRAT food plan. This may assist to heal your abdomen sickness a lot quicker.

Throughout episodes of hypertension

Hospitals and docs retains saying excessive sodium degree causes spike in blood strain. However nobody talks in regards to the significance of potassium in reducing the blood strain.

In a research carried out on 3300 topics from Dallas Coronary heart Research, urine samples had been collected for the analysis. The analysis went on and concluded that low potassium content material in urine was strongly associated to Excessive Blood Stress (7).

So if you find yourself going by way of episodes of hypertension it’s almost certainly your sodium and potassium steadiness will not be in place. Greatest approach to management the hypertension in these scenario is to change to a DASH food plan and improve the consumption of potassium by consuming excessive potassium fruits equivalent to bananas.

To conclude, if you’re affected by hypertension merely improve the consumption of potassium and cut back the sodium consumption. This may be simply finished by following DASH food plan and consuming excessive potassium greens and fruits equivalent to Bananas.

Every 100 grams serving of bananas give roughly 358 grams potassium.

Eliminate cling overs

Ingesting alcohol results in dehydration and reduces the glutathione ranges significantly. Thus making it more durable for liver to take away the toxins (8).

Moreover, consumption of alcohol blocks the power of our physique to retain water, thereby making it more durable to maintain the electrolyte steadiness in place.

Usually, the electrolyte steadiness in our physique particularly the potassium degree will get depleted submit consuming alcohol. That is the exact cause why we could really feel sick the following day.

Bananas are loaded with Potassium, Glutathione and different vital minerals that not solely lets you restore the electrolyte steadiness but additionally maintain you energized all through the day.

So while you undergo these cling over part, it could simply be the perfect time to eat bananas.

Widespread unintended effects of consuming Bananas at incorrect time

What’s incorrect time for you clearly relies on the present state of your physique. Having mentioned that there are common guidelines that one should not neglect i.e. whereas bananas are extraordinarily good for well being, in the event you eat bananas at incorrect time it could offer you widespread issues and unintended effects listed under.

Weight Achieve

In case you don’t maintain the calorie consumption in examine, bananas can result in weight acquire. A single 118 grams medium sized banana offers 105 energy in the event you add this on high of some other meals it merely provides.

One of the simplest ways to eat banana is with out some other fillers or meals. A glass of milk with banana is a good suggestion however the entire course of is ruined once we absorb extra energy other than that.

Usually, bananas are glorious for individuals who need to drop pounds because it helps them to take calculative energy. However one should not neglect that in the event you eat bananas and your excessive calorie lunch collectively, it gained’t do any good, as a substitute it’s going to add extra weight. So keep in mind, bananas are good be sure to are very calculative in regards to the energy.

Set off Sinusitis, Cough and chilly

If you’re delicate to sinus and chilly, consuming bananas at night time can set off signs equivalent to Sinus, chilly headache and migraine. So these affected by Sinusitis and delicate to chilly ought to bananas after the solar units.

Moreover, bananas additionally comprise Tyramine an amino acid that helps to control blood strain. When this amino acid is consumed in extra it could additionally set off headache and migraine ache.


By now that bananas are excessive in potassium and the way it helps to cut back the blood strain. Whereas that is identified undeniable fact that potassium consumption might help to cut back blood strain (9). What it’s essential to additionally remember is that, extra consumption of potassium can set off signs equivalent to nausea, chest ache, hassle respiration, irregular heartbeats and tiredness.

A report revealed by Linus Pauling Oregon State College, potassium dosage of greater than 18 grams can result in a medical situation often called Hyperkalemia (10). It’s a medical situation the place potassium degree in blood is larger than regular which may have critical unintended effects.

Constipation with Unripe Bananas

Whereas we all know unripe inexperienced bananas are glorious for these affected by diarrhea. It could possibly trigger constipation to regular people. It is because unripe bananas accommodates numerous fibrous starch which can’t be digested by our small gut. Therefore it immediately passes into the colon and absorbs water and makes the stool firmer, thereby inflicting constipation.

Thus it’s best to solely go for unripe bananas while you undergo the episodes of unfastened movement. Having mentioned that ripe bananas too accommodates starch, subsequently it’s advisable to eat ripe bananas in restricted amount.

To conclude, if you’re wholesome and consuming uncooked unripe banana, it could simply be a incorrect time to eat, as a substitute go for the ripe ones.

FAQs on Bananas


Best time to eat bananas for weight Loss

You’ll be able to eat bananas anytime you need supplied you retain the overall calorie worth of your meal in examine. A single medium sized banana is price 105 energy so the remainder of your meal needs to be effectively deliberate if you wish to drop pounds.

Greatest time to eat bananas for weight acquire

You’ll be able to merely take bananas along with your common meals and you’ll quickly see the outcomes. Greatest time to eat bananas for gaining weight is at night time earlier than sleep. Which means after you might be finished along with your dinner you may eat bananas with a glass of milk, this may absolutely add weight.

Whereas a glass of milk with banana at night time alone is great treatment for weight reduction however in the event you eat this after consuming heavy dinner it’s going to act as a weight gainer.

So for individuals who desires to drop pounds should not eat something at night time besides bananas and a glass of milk.

Best time to eat bananas throughout being pregnant

Bananas are wealthy in Vitamin B6, Vitamin C and accommodates minerals equivalent to Potassium, Magnesium, Manganese, Copper, Calcium and selenium. Moreover, it accommodates important fatty acids equivalent to Omega Three and Omega 6. Thus consumption of bananas throughout being pregnant will contribute to wholesome improvement of child.

Additionally, bananas might be a superb meals if you’re affected by fuel, constipation or upset abdomen throughout being pregnant.

Lastly, pregnant girls additionally are inclined to endure from Oedema throughout later phases, this occurs as a result of extra water retention. Consuming bananas can even assist to maintain oedema in examine. Coming again to finest time to eat bananas throughout being pregnant, the reply to this query is Morning throughout breakfast.

Bananas work effectively in morning throughout being pregnant as a result of it helps to do away with that morning illness and nauseatic feeling that pregnant moms could get at instances.

Can diabetics eat bananas?

Bananas have a glycemic index rating of 51 which implies it’s comparatively decrease as per the benchmark. Something under 55 is taken into account as low and over 55 is excessive. So by this logic the bananas have low glycemic index rating. Which means diabetics can have this in reasonable amount.

Can folks with PCOS eat bananas?

Sure, PCOS affected person can have this humble fruit and revel in all the advantages supplied by it.

Can extra banana kill you?

In an effort to induce hyperkalemia one should eat not less than 40 bananas, which too doesn’t assure to induce hyperkalemia. And I’ve by no means seen anybody consuming 40 bananas directly. So long as you don’t eat 40 bananas directly there isn’t a means bananas can kill you.


Bananas are extraordinarily good for well being, be happy to eat bananas to maintain having fun with your good well being. Greatest time to eat bananas completely relies on the specified end result i.e. weight reduction, weight acquire or to remedy unfastened movement.

I personally wish to eat bananas within the morning throughout breakfast. What time do you wish to eat bananas? be happy to remark under.

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